• Yohmei's Links

    • Chihan Art Project A very traditional and special house on the Izu Penninsula where music, art, architecture and the human spirit intersect.
    • Chikumeisha The website for the late Goro Yamaguchi’s shakuhachi guild. Mostly in Japanese.
    • Hogaku Journal The website for the monthly hogaku related magazine with a complete listing of hogaku concerts around Japan. Only in Japanese.
    • Japan Culture Promotion and Management Founded in 2017, Japanese Culture Promotion and Management is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Japanese traditional arts and culture and those artists, both Japanese and non-Japanese, working in their respective fields. Preservation and p
    • Mejiro Tokyo’s best store for shakuhachi and accesories. Items can be ordered by mail or online.
    • Morikami Museum and Gardens Beautiful Japan museum and garden in southern Florida, where we offer yearly intensive workshops in koto and shakuhachi.
    • Shakuhachi Summer Camp of the Rockies Born out the the energy of World Shakuhachi Festival 1998 in Boulder, the biggest event in the modern history of the shakuhachi, and presenting its 21st camp in as many years, the Shakuhachi Summer Camp of the Rockies is the longest running international
    • Monty Levenson, an American shakuhachi maker’s website and catalogue of shakuhachi related goods. Items can be ordered by mail or online.