Videos of Christopher Yohmei:

Many of my performance or interview videos are on my Youtube site, including the ones below.

  • Shika no Tohne, performed with Yamaguchi Goro at the Boulder World Shakuhachi Festival, 1998. This turned out to be Yamaguchi’s final performance of the piece.
  • The traditional shakuhachi piece, Kyorei.
  • Tsuki Yo no Kenshi, at the Sydney World Shakuhachi Festival, 2008.
  • Take, by Yamamoto Hozan, performed with Keisuke Zenyôji at the Prague Shakuhachi Festival, 2007.
  •  Shirabe for Shakuhachi and Cello, performed with Franz Bartolomey at Hamarikyu Hall, Tokyo.

Videos of Christopher Yohmei + Vocalist Mika Kimula

  • Sasaganino, a contemporary composiiton based on ancient Japanese poetry
  • You can also see Sasaganino,in its entirety performed at the Kyoto World Shakuhachi Festival 2012.

Mika Kimula solo works