Concert of the Airs–Contemporary Music in Traditional Architecture

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1:30 pm - 3:00 pm


Concert of the Airs is a unique collaboration between American and Japanese performers using the voice along with Western and Japanese instruments. The venue is Chihan’an, a 250 year old traditional country house in Ohito, a scenic town surrounded by mountains and bamboo groves in the middle of the Izu Peninsula. Chihan’an is a seven minute walk from Ohito Station.
There will be two performances on Saturday, March 5th: an afternoon matinee beginning at 1:30 PM and an evening concert from 6:30 PM. The evening concert will end in time to catch a train back to Tokyo from Ohito.

Christopher Yohmei: shakuhachi
Kimula Mika: voice
Kino-shita Daisuke: flute
Honjō Hidetarō, shamisen + narration
Program includes:
◊ Takahashi Kumiko, Song of San Juan-sama, from the serial song project, A Study of Orasho, for voice, shamisen and shakuhachi
◊ Salvatorre Sciarrino, Canzona di ringraziamento, for f!ute solo
◊ Peter Eötvös, Harakiri, for narration, shakuhachi, f!ute and wood-cutter
◊ Hayasaka Fumio, The Nightingale, vocal solo
◊ Hirose Ryohei, Kakurin, shakuhachi solo

Admission: ¥3500 (Advance reservations), ¥3800 (At the door)
For reservations or more information please contact
Tel: 090-8306-9766
Flier: Concert of the Airs