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  1. Striking Light, Striking Dark (2015 release): Works by he poets Rainer Maria Rilke, Pablo Neruda, Sam Hamill, John Logan and the 17th century Zen-related document, Kyotaku Denki set to song accompanied by shakuhachi and various world instruments.
  2. Navarasa (2010 release): A genre bending collaboration between Christopher Yohmei (shakuhachi) and Mark Izu (acoustic bass, shô, sheng) Themes and improvisations on the Indian concepts of the nine basic human emotions.
  3. Breath Play (2007 release): Christopher Yohmei (shakuhachi) and composer/performer Byron Au Yong (piano, voice, drum, water, gong, er hu) perform a series of improvised music/sound art works that travel through intercultural, boundary-breaking, water-splashing terrain.
  4. Visionary Tones (2004 release): Christopher Yohmei’s solo shakuhachi album, a two-set CD featuring traditional shakuhachi honkyoku of the Kinko Style and contemporary pieces influenced by the spirit of honkyoku.
  5. Bamboo Voice, Human Flute (2003 release). A collaboration between Christopher Yohmei on shakuhachi and Mika Kimula on voice, featuring old and new songs from the 20th century Japan.
  6. Heart of Bamboo–Poetry and Music in the Zen Tradition (1998 release). A collaboration of shakuhachi with the reknown poet Sam Hamill reading his own work.


  1. The Shakuhachi, A Manual for Learning (Printed Matter Press, 2008). Originally published in 1986 by Japan’s foremost music publisher, Ongaku no Tomo Press, this book was the first comprehensive English guide to learning the shakuhachi (Kinko Style). The book also contains a full history of the instrument, translated and adapted by Christopher Yohmei from the work of Kamisangô Yûkô, a recognized authority on Edo Period music. The book contains a practice CD and practice pieces designed to take the beginning student through the basics of shakuhachi playing. The Shakuhachi, A Manual for Learning has proven to be extremely popular and is the best selling shakuhachi manual to date.
  2. The Single Tone—A Personal Journey into Shakuhachi Music. Now available on Amazon as a Kindle book. This is the English translation of Christopher Yohmei’s award winning book, Shakuhachi Odyssey first published in Japanese in 2000. The Single Tone is the quintessential insider’s view of Japan’s culture and Music. Author Christopher Yohmei, a resident in Japan since 1972, writes about his experiences studying, teaching and performing the shakuhachi. He also demonstrates the universal appeal of the shakuhachi by performing it around the world: in the jungle of Guatemala, the ancient banquet halls of the Republic of Georgia, and the wind-swept Indian reservations of New Mexico.

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  • The Single Tone—A Personal Journey into Shakuhachi Music: Kindle version available on Amazon, $9.99. Someone is selling used copies of the print version for upwards of $50 on Amazon, so please make sure you access the Kindle page, here.
  • The Shakuhachi, A Manual for Learning: $45 (with practice CD and notation)
  • Striking Light, Striking Dark, $15
  • Navarasa: $15
  • Breath Play: $13
  • Visionary Tones: $25 (two CD set)
  • Bamboo Voice, Human Flute: $15
  • Heart of Bamboo: $20

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